Ante Poljicak

learning curve ranger
with one and a half foot
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Research & Projects


When teaching, I wholeheartedly disseminate knowledge and skills I have acquired. I insist on simplification of the learning process in order to relate complex ideas using intuitive and creative approach.

University of Zagreb

2013 - Present

Associate Professor

At the moment I'm teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses within the fields of image processing and graphic technology at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. I also conduct research in the fields of image processing  specifically digital and printed image watermarking.

Acta Graphica Journal

2011 - 2014

Technical Editor

As a technical edditor of Acta Graphica Journal I was resposible for design and editing of scientific and technical content. I was also in charge of prepress for the printed edition and maintenance of website and technical content of the Acta Graphica online.

University of Zagreb

2007 - 2011

Research Fellow

My first real job was on a project "Digitalisation of Museum Painting Heritage".  On the project I mostly conducted research in the field of image processing with focus on digital and printed image watermarking. Concurrently I worked with students (laboratory exercises) on a couple of undergraduate and graduate courses.

Profil International

2007 - 2011

Prepress specialist

As a student I financed my self with a part time job at the publishing company Profil International d.o.o. I have worked on a numerous publications from elementary school coursebooks to novels. 


When learning, I am motivated by learning curves, fully aware that perseverance is the key to success. I acquire new knowledge and improve on existing skills by focusing on experimentation and hands-on projects.

Univesity of Zagreb

2007 - 2011

Graphic Technology, PhD

For my doctoral degree I focused on the protection of the printed images. A watermark method I developed is based on Discrete Fourier Transform and works quite well. A watermark embedded in an image remains hidden but detectable even after images have been compressed, scaled, rotated, cropped or printed. If your are interested in image watermarking or my other research head over here. 



Specialist Teacher Course

In May, 2011 I went to Chemnitz in Germany where I took course held by PrintPromotion that offered theoretical and hands-on training in different technologies form color and quality management to digital and offset printing. 

McGill University


Certificate of Proficiency in English Language

While I was in Montreal for a 3 month research visit I also took some time to brush up on my English skills at McGill University.

University of Zagreb

2000 - 2005

Graphic Technology, MSc

I have studied graphic technology at the University of Zagreb. While there I figured out I actually really like to learn new things, so it came pretty easy to me to graduate with honors as a student with highest cumulative grade point average in class. My primary interest moved away from graphic technology but it was a good run. 

RESEARCH and projects

I am a curious researcher with one and a half foot on the ground. I bask in image processing, machine learning, data visualization and colorimetry.

Implementation of halftoning methods in Java

To explore different halftoning methods, as well as to hone my Java image processing skills, I've implemented thresholding, level array, error diffusion halftoning methods in this Java/JavaFX desktop app.
Exam generator

Exam generator

A simple python script for generation of unique exams by randomly choosing questions from the question bank. Script draws questions from the Question bank and generates LaTeX file.
watermarki performance

Image watermark detector performance

Investigation of the performance of a watermark detector and ways to improve performance with the use unsharp, Laplacian and deconvolution filters.

DFT based watermarking method

Image watermarking method based on Discrete Fourier Transform robust to print-scan and print-cam processes, image halftoning and other degradation atacks.

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